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Periodontology & Prophylaxis

Periodontology & Prophylaxis



Do you ever have bleeding gums when you perform your dental care?

If so, please take a close look and consult your dentist. In most cases it is a sign of periodontitis and treatment at your dentist should not be delayed. If the gums bleed, bacteria have crept in and can even cause havoc far outside the oral cavity – in the whole body.

Are you interested in periodontology? Our experts will be happy to advise you!


Are you interested in periodontology? Our experts will be happy to advise you!

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Frequently asked questions

Here are a few more questions about periodontology that we are asked time and again and which we are happy to answer over the phone

Which toothbrush is the right one?2021-02-16T14:58:28+01:00

As a general rule, a soft toothbrush is always the better choice because we tend to work the teeth and gums with too much pressure. Your oral hygienist will tell you which toothbrush is right for you during your prophylaxis treatment..

When do I need to see a dentist if bleeding occurs during dental care?2021-02-16T14:59:32+01:00

Ideally, you should contact your dentist directly and make an appointment for a precise examination so as not to run the risk of the problems described above

Does every dental clinic perform periodontal treatments?2021-02-16T14:59:28+01:00

Periodontal treatments are performed in most dental offices. As in all fields, there are special training courses that deal with this subject. In our office, the entire range of periodontal treatments is performed by dentists trained in this field.



Beautiful, healthy teeth are the basis for a pleasant and self-confident smile and thus an important prerequisite for success at work and in private life. Prevention, i.e. the measures necessary to prevent diseases from occurring in the first place, plays a decisive role in this.


Our special concept

With our special, highly effective prophylaxis concept and our professional prophylaxis team with special prophylaxis assistants, we are one of the dental clinics nationwide for which prevention is particularly important.

Our philosophy is to use special measures to provide each individual tooth with the highest level of cleaning and care, thereby making a significant contribution to your all-round well-being. Therefore we develop your individual prophylaxis concept.


Are you interested in our prophylaxis concept? Our experts will be happy to advise you!

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Our prophylaxis concept includes:

  • Professional teeth cleaning and deep cleaning of the gum pockets

  • Removal of plaque and tartar

  • Education about oral hygiene and periodontitis

  • Professional sealants

  • Instructions for effective oral care at home

Your advantage at the recall:

Regular use of our prophylaxis services pays off for you in any case. You effectively prevent diseases and create the best conditions for preserving your own natural teeth or dentures for a long time. We will be happy to include you in our recall and remind you of your regular prophylaxis appointments. 

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Pregnant women need special protection

Inflammation of the periodontium can not only lead to the loss of teeth, but also have a negative impact on a person’s general health. Recent studies show that periodontitis significantly increases the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke – as inflammatory bacteria can spread to other organs and regions of the body.

Pregnant women are also particularly at risk, as periodontitis can lead to premature birth. For this reason, it is of elementary importance to detect periodontitis in an expectant mother at an early stage and to treat it quickly.

Our prevention concept includes:

Individual preventive care planning

Professional teeth cleaning and deep cleaning of the gum pockets

Removal of plaque and tartar

Education about oral hygiene and the connection between periodontitis and the development of the fetus

Instructions for effective oral hygiene

Are you pregnant?
If so, you should have a periodontitis risk test and have any existing gingivitis treated quickly.
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Frequently asked questionsn

Here are a few more questions about prophylaxis that we are asked time and time again and which we are happy to answer by telephone

Will my teeth become brighter after professional teeth cleaning?2021-02-16T15:02:43+01:00

Your teeth will be professionally cleaned and discoloration caused, for example, by the consumption of coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine, etc. will be removed by our oral hygienists and the tooth surfaces will be polished so that they will be wonderfully smooth

Why should I have my teeth professionally cleaned if my health insurance does not cover the costs?2021-02-16T15:04:35+01:00

The regular execution provides for an enormous improvement of your health. This applies to your entire body – read our article on periodontology . The normal, home dental care is the basis for our daily care, but we do not manage to clean perfectly in all areas and above all, we ourselves can not get into every niche between the teeth. The oral hygienist will take care of this for you and will also show you tips and tricks on how to optimize your tooth-preserving dental care.

The public health insurances have not yet included these services in their catalog, except for children up to 17 years of age, but some health insurances reimburse these services with co-payments. Please submit the invoice to your health insurance company.

How often should I have my teeth professionally cleaned?2021-02-16T15:04:54+01:00

Your individual dental situation determines the number of treatments. The average is 2 to 4 times a year. With this timing you get the optimal prevention of possible diseases. The aim of professional teeth cleaning is not only perfect “cleanliness”, but the prevention of caries and periodontitis.

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