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Laser treatment

Laser treatment

Laser – gentle and effective

The introduction of lasers in dentistry has brought a new dimension to the treatment of many dental diseases.

Through its use, treatment procedures are now applied to many diseases that are gentle, safe and at the same time very effective. In addition, the laser provides a particularly high level of treatment comfort for the patient:

The power of the focused light enables non-contact procedures, as well as fewer sessions and less postoperative pain than with conventional procedures

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Two different dental lasers: diode and erbium

In addition to the diode laser, which is mainly used for gum and root canal treatments, we also use the erbium laser, which provides you with valuable services in caries removal as well as in surgery, among other things.

Areas of application of the laser

  • gum treatment
  • root canal treatment
  • aphthae and herpes
  • sealing of teeth susceptible to caries
  • hypersensitive teeth
  • painless caries treatment
  • and many more

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions about laser treatment that we are frequently asked and that we are happy to answer by phone

When can laser treatment be used?2021-02-16T12:58:11+01:00

As explained above, there are many areas of dentistry where the laser can be used as a treatment method. Which treatment method is best for you will be discussed with you individually by the respective dentist

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