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Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic treatments

Orthodontics – beautifully straight!

Teeth play a major role in our lives. They shape our speech, self-esteem, personal charisma and the overall impression of a person.
However, not all of us are born with perfect teeth.

However, with the help of orthodontic treatment, the dream of straight and healthy teeth can come true for everyone – and not only for children and teenagers, but at almost any age.


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Orthodontic treatments can help with:

  • faulty tooth contacts, crossbite and open bite
  • malocclusion of one or more teeth
  • malocclusion of the jaws: forward or backward bite
  • malocclusion of the temporomandibular joint
  • tilted teeth
  • Gaps between teeth (gap closure without implant or bridge)

Straight teeth, firm bite

A faulty bite can cause discomfort throughout the body. Many patients do not realize that these can often be corrected by orthodontic treatment. Today, the possibilities go far beyond the use of conventional braces.

In our medical office, we offer special therapies to correct misaligned jaws and teeth for patients of all ages. Different gentle treatment methods and devices are used. These can be both removable and fixed. For example, you can receive inconspicuous or invisible brackets, or a removable inconspicuous deep-drawing retainer. An invisible permanent retainer is then used to stabilize and permanently maintain the straight position of the teeth.

We will be happy to discuss your individual solution with you in a personal consultation.

For detailed and illustrated medical information about dentistry and orthodontics, please visit www.zahnwissen.de.

For the orthodontists’ expert page with current opinions from the scientific point of view, please visit www.dgkfo.de.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few more questions about orthodontics that we are asked time and again and which we are happy to answer by phone.

When should my child have an orthodontic “preliminary” examination at the latest?2021-02-16T12:39:26+01:00

9 years old is the ideal time for the first visit to the orthodontist.

I am 35 years old and I want straight teeth so much. Is it possible?2021-02-16T12:40:29+01:00

Adult orthodontic treatment is not uncommon today. Do not be afraid to contact us. There is always a solution, even in adulthood.

Can I influence the duration of orthodontic treatment?2021-02-16T12:41:00+01:00

Through very good cooperation, you as a patient can very well influence the orthodontic treatment goal in some treatment phases.

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Appointment request