Endodontics – for healthy teeth

Tooth preservation is our most important goal. Ideally, our teeth should accompany us throughout our lives and, among other things, serve us well for speaking and eating. A decisive basis for this is daily dental care and professional tooth cleaning, which our team in the Prophylaxis Center is happy to perform. However, if an inflammation occurs inside the tooth or at its root tip, endodontic treatment is necessary to preserve this tooth.

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Modern root canal treatment

The root canal located in the tooth is meticulously cleaned with very fine instruments, disinfected, filled and sealed. There are traditional methods and modern root canal treatment with the help of a microscope, which allows us to work even more precisely than with the naked eye.

By means of endodontics (root canal treatment) we obtain the possibility to make a diseased tooth, which is worth preserving, become a healthy pillar in your dentition. In the past, there was only one option here and that was to remove the diseased tooth.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few more questions about endodontics that we are asked time and again, and which we are happy to answer by telephone

What happens if the tooth does not settle down even after root canal treatment?2021-02-15T18:45:21+01:00

Such a thing can indeed happen -although rarely. This is usually the case when an inflammation has spread at the root tip of the tooth. An X-ray image shows us the exact situation here and removal of the root tip is then the therapy of choice.

How long does an endodontic treatment take?2021-02-15T18:46:46+01:00

Root canal treatment is performed in several steps and requires several treatment appointments, depending on the situation. In the first step, the canal is opened, cleaned, disinfected and treated with a medicinal insert. This insertion is usually repeated several times until the tooth is cleared of all bacteria and can be treated with the definitive root filling.

Is root canal treatment painful?2021-02-15T18:47:00+01:00

A root canal treatment always takes place under local anesthesia (anesthesia of the treated region), so that the pain can be eliminated.

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