An attractive smile stands for professional and private success and is the prerequisite for a sympathetic and self-confident appearance.

Missing teeth can be replaced by implants made of titanium or ceramics and thus close gaps or even provide toothless jaws with optimal prosthetics and esthetics.


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Stable hold

Implants serve as a foundation for the secure attachment of crowns, bridges or removable dentures and provide excellent, long-lasting comfort.

A sufficient amount of bone and its good quality are necessary for the implants to hold. Even patients whose jawbone has already receded due to missing teeth can be treated with dental implants today. This is because skin dentistry offers good methods for effective bone augmentation.

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions about dental implants that we are asked time and again and that we are happy to answer by phonen

What are the advantages of our dental care centre in the case of tooth loss?2021-02-16T12:18:52+01:00

The answer is: “Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno” is a Latin phrase and means in English: “One for all, all for one” You will receive both the implant and the dental prosthesis manufactured here in the ZMVZ’s own master dental laboratory.

How long does the treatment take?2021-02-16T12:19:52+01:00

The observance of the healing phase is of immense importance for the longevity of the implants and their superstructures. As a rule, the healing phase is about 6 months in the upper jaw and about 3 months in the lower jaw. The exact time frame is determined by the respective situation.

What does the insurance pay?2021-02-16T12:21:16+01:00

Depending on the type of insurance and the selected tariff, the participation in the investment for the implant restoration takes place. Statutorily insured persons receive a fixed allowance for the treatment of the current diagnosis. Thus, after the diagnosis, a treatment and investment plan must be prepared, which makes the reimbursement apparent. More and more people have taken out a so-called supplementary insurance, which can also provide financial support here. We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

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Appointment request