3D volume tomograph2021-02-16T15:40:23+01:00

3D volume tomograph

3D volume tomograph


3D volume tomograph

3D volume tomograph

More safety thanks to innovative computer-controlled technology. Diagnostics by means of DVT (3D volume tomography) allows implantologists to place implants very precisely.

In surgery and implantology, volume tomography gives us the opportunity to operate in a more targeted and gentle way. This special X-ray technique makes it possible to view the surgical field from every angle and to precisely measure existing structures such as bone conditions and the course of nerves.


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Digital X-ray technology

For example, the position of an implant can be determined in advance so that it can then be placed through a small opening in the mucosa.

Volume tomography makes the procedures even safer and complications can be virtually ruled out.

This technique gives us more safety and time for the patient and the dentist.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions about 3D volume tomography that we are asked time and again and which we are happy to answer by phone.

Where is this recording performed?2021-02-16T15:48:19+01:00

Of course, directly on our premises. We have a DVT imaging device, so you don’t have to go to a radiology medical office for this imaging.

How does a DVT examination work?2021-02-16T15:49:10+01:00

A member of staff will accompany you to the so-called X-ray room. There, an apron will be placed on you to cover the regions of the body that will not be examined. You stand upright in the middle of the DVT unit, which moves once around your head with sufficient distance after the setting has been made. The data is then stored directly in your digital file card for viewing and evaluation by the doctor/dentist/implantologist

Who bears the investment for the 3D volume tomograph X-rays?2021-02-16T15:49:26+01:00

Currently, this service is a private service that is billed according to the medical fee schedule. More and more insurers are recognizing the need for these diagnostic and planning aids and are partially or fully subsidizing these services. Statutory insurers have not yet included this service in their fee catalog.

When is a DVT necessary?2021-02-16T15:49:40+01:00

For optimal diagnostics and planning, a DVT is virtually indispensable in implantology. We decided on a DVT unit many years ago in order to give our patients the greatest possible security.

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