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All locations of our dental care centre are equipped with the latest technology and are geared towards treating the whole family.

What does this mean for you?

Our team of dentists, surgeons and prophylaxis specialists have solutions for patients of all ages. Starting with initial examinations, we move on to preventive checkups and professional teeth cleaning. Even for our smallest patients, our children, a prophylaxis program has been developed and supports the durability of milk teeth. Later it goes to the so-called recall, which ensures that the regularity of the check-ups is kept in mind.

We are happy to show our young patients the correct way to use a toothbrush and other aids and motivate them to maintain regular oral hygiene. Good dental care can prevent tooth decay & co. This makes going to the dentist easier for the “little ones” and their parents and can be really fun.

If the existing teeth in the young stage already show that they are not correctly positioned in the row of teeth, we solve this problem with an orthodontic treatment. Incidentally, this can also be done in adults. In our orthodontic department we nowadays treat more and more regularly also adult patients with e.g. invisible orthodontic splints, which are made in our dental laboratory.

If the dental situation is no longer satisfactory for you at an advanced age, we are happy to help you in this case as well, in order to make your life lovable and worth living. A healthy chewing organ is crucial for the well-being of the whole body.

If we see that someone cannot make it to our medical office because their health no longer allows it, or if the patient lives in a nursing home or similar, we are also available here with an appropriately trained team for a home visit with a mobile treatment unit.

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